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Our history

While studying law at university, Jennifer Carver learned that two family members had fallen ill and required medical attention – surgery for both – in order to treat their respective serious issues. However both were misdiagnosed, and both surgeries were unsuccessful as a result. The fallout was enormous: the relatives were unable to work, and one ended up losing their business and home. Jennifer quickly changed specialties to focus on what had now become her life’s focus: medical malpractice.

In 2005, Jennifer founded Mary Malpractice, a dedicated medical negligence and malpractice offices consisting of specialists in the field of fighting medical malpractice cases on behalf of patients.

Mary Malpractice now boasts a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and support staff, with a collective 170 years experience across all aspects of medical law. We are one of the leading companies in our field, and serve not just Maryland but the entire seat of Prince George County.

Our specialist lawyers work on a broad range of cases, from personal injury claims where, for example, hospital staff may have accidentally injured you in the canteen, to serious cases of medical malpractice such as botched surgeries, incorrect diagnoses or professional misconduct..

We are the premier law office for malpractice and have tried – and won – more cases than any other legal office in Prince George County.

And remember, we operate a strict ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy for all our clients, meaning you can enlist us to help safe in the knowledge that if – and it’s a big if! – we do not win your case, you don’t have to pay a cent!

A message from our founder……  “Having seen family members suffer at the hands of incompetent medical personnel, some of whom were left seriously injured, I switched specialties during law school to focus on malpractice. This is my drive: to ensure what happened to my close relatives never happens to you, and that you get the best settlement – and further, free medical attention to right those previous wrongs – that you could possibly hope for.”

Jennifer Carver

Founder and Lead Lawyer, Mary Malpractice

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