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Get instant answers to all the common questions.


What areas do you cover?

At Mary Malpractice we have worked for clients right across the state of Maryland, from small towns on the western fringes of Garrett and Allegany to the heart of the metropolis in Baltimore City. We are happy to entertain you in our suite of offices or can come to you to discuss your case: the choice is yours.

I want to speak to somebody in person, where are you based?

Our main suite of offices are located in the bustling epicentre of Columbia in Howard Country, Maryland. Our doors are always open to prospective clients who wish to speak to one of our friendly staff face-to-face. If you can’t make it there, however, we have a number of ways that you can contact us to arrange for us to come visit you – telephone and email are available, and we have a strong presence on social media. Or simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page – it’s simple!


Will I speak to a lawyer straight away?

Yes! After a brief discussion with one of our customer service staff to find out your issue, we ensure that one of our team of specialist medical malpractice lawyers – selected to best suit your needs – will speak to you in confidence. This can take as long as an hour, and it is where everything is outlined to you in the simplest possible terms so you know what to expect going forward. This lawyer will then remain with you until the end of your case.

How much does the first consultation cost?

Your initial appointment will be absolutely free of charge! Here at Mary Malpractice we believe in providing the best possible service for our clients, be they old or new, and as such do not charge anything for your first consultation. Any costs are recouped at the end of what we hope will be a successful case for you – and us!

Our Services

I slipped on a wet floor at the hospital, can you help?

Absolutely! Personal Injury claims are one of the core branches of our business, and we have highly experienced professional lawyers who can look at your case. Even the slightest injury suffered on a medical premises may be liable for compensation, so please do speak to us before you make a decision.

Knee surgery has left me unable to walk, can you help?

Botched surgeries are one of the main areas of litigation that we work on, and as such have gained vast experience – over 170 combined years of it, in fact – dealing with unprofessional surgeons, accidents during supposedly routine operations and treatments that have left clients unable to function properly. Come talk to us and we will explain just how we will right the wrongs that have been done to you!


Will I have to attend court?

Typically: not at all. Most cases are settled before they go to a costly trial, and medical establishments are keen to resolve any disputes without the need to enter a courtroom, where trials can be protracted and very expensive. Also, at Mary Malpractice we are incredibly thorough and usually provide such an overwhelming case for a guilty plea that no court appearances take place at all. There may be the odd exception, but the rule is generally that you will not have to attend.

How experienced are your staff?

Mary Malpractice began life in a small office with Jennifer and her sister-in-law as the entire staff (and cleaning division!). It has grown in size and stature every year since, until today it can boast 25 specialist lawyers, dozens of paralegals and an entire wing of support staff dedicated to making sure we get the best possible result for your case.


How much is it likely to cost me?

It is difficult to say – we deal with thousands of cases a year and all of them are unique in their own way. We do, however, have a number of payment options designed to suit all pockets, including monthly charges, two year payment plans and even small loans to cover the bases while we work your case. And don’t forget, we operate a ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee, so if you lose your case you don’t have to pay us anything!

Do you have any payment options?

At Mary Malpractice we believe in putting clients first and treating them fairly and with complete transparency. As such, all costs and charges will be outlined to you at various stages of your case – you will see exactly what we have been doing for you. And we offer a complete range of payments plans, including specialist loans, monthly and weekly options, ‘Pay As You Go’ choices and even reduced rates for the out of work, students and persons over the age of sixty. We can help, whatever your circumstances!

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