What is Cialis?

Appearance is tablets of yellow color, oval form. The basis of the composition of the drug Cialis is the substance – Tadalafil. Cialis is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to increase potency. The effect of Cialis is based, like the action of Viagra, on the enhancement of blood flow to the penis, and at the same time the drug Cialis has a longer duration of action. The action of the drug can last for 36 hours, which provides the opportunity, after taking Cialis, to be on alert for a long time. Recommended medication dose for Cialis tablets is 20 mg. Cialis is taken 30 to 60 minutes before the intended sexual activity. The undeniable plus of Cialis is that the ingestion of food and alcohol does not affect the quality of the drug.

How long before Cialis starts to work and how long does it last?

Some men feel the effect of the drug after 15 minutes, but, in general, patients call about half an hour. It is worth recalling that the effect is impossible without sexual arousal. Cialis works for 36 hours. The positive qualities of Cialis in the case of treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • The appearance of an erection in case of desire for sexual contact;
  • Maintaining a member in an erect state during the entire intercourse;
  • Getting full satisfaction from intimacy;
  • Vivid emotions;
  • Recovery of libido;
  • Providing psychological recovery and confidence in male consistency;
  • The joy of the possibility of sexual satisfaction partner.

The main role in the process of erection is assigned to blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, carried out by tadalafil. This ensures the relaxation of smooth muscle cells, giving them volume and ensuring blood flow. In addition, the genital organ is filled with blood, which contributes to the appearance of an erection.

How to use Cialis?

Cialis is intended for internal use when necessary. One tablet is designed for a day. Most men, diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, show a marked improvement due to taking Cialis, and the extent of the disease does not matter. You can buy Cialis on our website: come and order!