What is Viagra?

The word “Viagra” has now become a household name. At the same time, not everyone knows what exactly the drug is intended for and how to use it correctly. You can buy Viagra on our website.

What is interesting drug – when there is sexual arousal then an erection occurs. That is, Viagra is designed to increase blood supply in the penis to achieve and support erection. If a man took the drug, and his sexual organ did not become alert, then he did not have sexual arousal. Excitement occurs through direct contact with a woman of interest to a man: caresses, hugs, kisses, inhalation of pheromones, etc. Then, under the influence of Viagra, an erection appears, which the same drug supports and keeps throughout intercourse. After the end of sexual intercourse, the arousal subsides, and the drug ceases to act again.

What are the contraindications?

Sometimes you can find the news that someone died from Viagra. In fact, the person did not suffer from Viagra, but from the load that he gave to his body during coitus. After all, sexual intercourse is a kind of stress for the body, while the load on the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular system, central nervous system is exercised. If a person cannot transfer these loads for health reasons, then Viagra has nothing to do with it. For medical contraindications include allergic reactions to the composition of the drug, intolerance to individual components, as well as diseases in which it is contraindicated to live sexually.

Who should not take Viagra?

Since sexual arousal depends on the level of testosterone, the drug is less effective for people with low levels of the male sex hormone. The drug acts weakly on men with certain diseases, for example, diseases of the inner lining of blood vessels (endothelium). If the endothelium produces little substance, which is a mediator of erection, then Viagra also acts poorly. This is observed in patients with diabetes, in patients with metabolic syndrome. The drug is contraindicated in women. Viagra is ineffective for people with severe atherosclerosis. With this disease, the vessels cannot expand, but an erection is an expansion of the arteries of the penis.