Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability of a man to achieve an erection or maintain it for sexual intercourse. If the cases when “not worth a member” are rare, then we are not talking about impotence. The diagnosis is made with a stable violation of erection, lasting at least 3 months. Severe impotence is rare in young people, but early warning signs may appear early.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Allocate psychogenic impotence and organic (it includes all types associated with organ damage). The share of psychological impotence accounts for about 40% of cases, organic – 29%, mixed – 25%. In 6% of cases, it is not possible to determine the cause. The guidelines of the European Association of Urology detail the forms of erectile dysfunction, depending on the mechanism of development.

Symptoms and signs of erectile dysfunction

The main symptoms of impotence are indicated in its definition: difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection. This is often accompanied by a decrease in sexual desire, impaired ejaculation and orgasm.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction include age, depression, overweight, smoking, drug use, alcoholism, vitamin deficiency, metabolic syndrome, disorders in the lipid spectrum of the blood, exposure to external factors (radiation, electromagnetic radiation). Treatment should be accompanied by normalization of lifestyle: the exclusion of risk factors and the establishment of a healthy rhythm of sexual activity. You should also discuss with your doctor whether any of the medications you are taking have an erection and whether they can be replaced.

If erectile dysfunction has recoverable causes, treatment begins with them. We give examples of when it can be carried out radically:

  • Psychogenic impotence. In this case, the patient is referred to a psychotherapist: rational psychotherapy can provide a complete cure.
  • Vascular impotence in young men with traumatic injuries of the arteries of the pelvic and groin areas. Surgical repair of arteries is effective in 60-70% of cases.
  • Hormonal disorders (lack of testosterone, prolactin excess). Their treatment by the endocrinologist also gives a good effect. Testosterone preparations are injected intramuscularly or in the form of a gel applied to the skin.

For the prevention of suitable the same diet as for the prevention of heart disease. It should include enough vegetables and fruits, fish, vegetable oil, whole grains. It is recommended to limit the intake of fatty, fried and processed foods. Increased physical activity reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men by 70%.

For any disease should not allow self-treatment, you should always consult a doctor. Prompt, competent treatment of heart disease, the genitourinary system, the endocrine glands and others is also an important aspect of preventing erectile dysfunction. After treatment of impotence, you must regularly visit an andrologist or urologist. In any case, you can cure erectile dysfunction with drugs. You can buy various kinds of drugs that improve the sexual functions of men, profitably and quickly on our website.